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Jayde Q & A


So Jayde, a question that Podiatrist’s often get early on, why Podiatry?

From a young age I have wanted a career within the health/medical field as I enjoy making a difference to someone’s day.  Stumbled across podiatry when I was completing a exercise degree at uni. I liked the idea it was specific to one area of the body, yet complex as you feet can affect your whole body.


How does your personal academic and sporting history influence your podiatry practice?

I have had some serious sporting injuries over the years, which has resulted me in attending a variety of allied health and medical teams. As a result, I aim to provide my patients with a good understanding of their presenting condition, treatment options and work with them in achieving their goals.


At Pride Podiatry in Pascoe Vale we see many of our valued clients from diverse population groups, with many different foot problems. How do you personalise your service?

Making sure that I always ask the patient what their needs and priorities are in regards to their health so they can be addressed accordingly. This way it allows me to provide the best healthcare possible, but also keeping in mind how the patient values their health.


We only have to pick up the newspapers, scroll through twitter or facebook and see that almost daily our favourite sports stars suffer overuse injuries to their feet and lower limbs. Is there anything that we can do as sub-elite and weekend warrior level sportswomen and men to help reduce our own injury risks?

Footwear! Make sure you have suitable footwear, appropriate to the activity & ones that you haven’t been wearing everyday for the past 12 months. Sadly our shoes are not designed to last. Especially for sports activities! Too often I have seen injuries that were caused by inappropriate worn out shoes.

Also have a great team around you. If you are a part of a team or group ensure they are focused on supporting you. Coaches should be focused on correcting your technique, wanting to work with you to build your program up slowly.

& of course…..have a great Podiatrist!


And at the risk of alienating the majority of our audience, favourite team(s)?

I enjoy watching a variety of team and individual sports, but I don’t passionately follow one team. If you had to make me pick one in the AFL ………….I follow Richmond


And now for a free bit of podiatry advice please Jayde. I plan on running the Melbourne half marathon shortly and I know it’s going to be torture on my feet. I’ve got my own ideas but would love to hear your thoughts. What are the top 3 things I need to be doing to protect my feet to ensure I get through unscathed?

  1. Often forgotten but the main cause of many peoples issues mid run. Socks!
    A good pair of moisture wicking socks are definitely a good investment. Cotton socks hold moisture and lose their shape. Increasing your chance for blister to form while you are running!
  2. Footwear of course! Having a good pair of well fitting runners will make a big difference to your run. Best way to prevent losing toenails during your run.
  3. Train. Make sure you have a few kms under your belt. Start early give yourself a chance to build up to the distance. That way if you have any issues…you can seek help early.


Thanks Jayde, finally, for all those out there who need some top level podiatry care in Pascoe Vale, how would they book in for an assessment with you? Where are you located?

We are located within PVH Medical, 124 Kent Rd Pascoe Vale. It’s easy to book an appointment over the phone 9304 0500 or via our online booking portal here. http://www.pridepodiatry.com/book-appointment-page.

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